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Our hotel is located in Laguna de la Cocha , Department of Nariño.
We enjoy a strategic location just 25 minutes from Pasto, the capital of the Department of Nariño, where you can enjoy diverse activities related to leisure, gastronomy and culture.
In Laguna de la Cocha you can relax in one of the most beautiful settings in South America. From here, you can explore the whole Andean, Amazon and Colombian Pacific regions.
This is the perfect tourist destination for recreational pursuits, relaxation, health options and adventure.

A Surprising City

Founded in 1539, this city offers a multitude of cultural, religious and leisure tourism options. It is also known as "Ciudad Sorpresa" (Surprise City), which is reflected in the range of choices it offers.
Due to its large number of religious temples, Pasto is a leading destination in the area for religious tourism.
One of the most important churches is the Gothic Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Las Lajas. This is in addition to Nuestra Señora de Lourdes Chapel, Templo de Fátima and the cathedral, all of which you should visit.

Laguna de La Cocha

In Quechua “cocha” means “lake” and, like its name would suggest, this enclave continues to be home to the traditional essence and cultures that have lived here.
At the lake you will find Corota Island, which forms a part of Colombia's network of national parks as the smallest nature reserve in the country.
During your visit you can head to the island or explore the lake by boat and enjoy unique scenery.

Active Tourism

There are numerous activities you can enjoy during your visit to the region. The variety of leisure options and activities is adapted to suit all tastes and needs. Birdwatching, hiking, cycling and mountain biking are just some of the choices available.
Exploring the Andes, Amazon and Colombian Pacific regions will be a memorable experience for anyone looking for a taste of adventure in a special setting.

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