Sustainability and Protection


Sustainability is a strategic value for Hotel Sindamanoy, which is why it forms a part of one of the initiatives that comprise the company's Strategic Plan. The hotel backs innovation in the development of eco-efficient solutions.

Hotel Sindamanoy's vision of sustainability:

• We care about our clients
• We care about the destinations where our hotels are located
• We care about our planet


In accordance with Law 679 of 2001 and Law 1336 of 2009, via which provisions are outlined to prevent and counteract the exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with minors, in compliance with the provisions set forth in these laws, all people must prevent, block, combat and report the exploitation, accommodation, use, publication, diffusion of images, texts, documents, audiovisual files, undue use of global information networks, or the establishment of telematic links of any kind related to pornographic material or material that alludes to sexual activities with minors.

In implementation of the provisions outlined in article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, Hotel Sindamanoy hereby warns tourists that the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors in Colombia are considered crimes and therefore punishable by law.